Objective:  Close the Achievement Gap.


Currently:  Have established a nonprofit company, EduThink®

§         Goals:  To make basics skills instruction available via the website,, at no cost, to all who could benefit from one-on-one instruction.

To be used as a resource for teachers and parents to obtain online, web-deliverable materials that teach basic skills on a one-on-one basis both in the schools and in students’ homes.

To be used as a resource for educational researchers to experiment with instructional strategies.

§         Target audience:  Pre-school and elementary school children, as well as home-schooled children.  In particular, the design and format of the instruction is intended to benefit students who do not succeed in the regular classroom, such as children who are disadvantaged, or who use English as a second language.


Ph.D.   University of California, Berkeley — Education

M.A.    University of Texas, Austin — Educational Psychology

B.A.     University of Texas, Austin — Psychology, With Honors
            Special Honors in Psychology


Educational and Training Software Design and Development (ISD)

§         Supervision of computer-based training (CBT) development teams for major corporations (AT&T, Grumman Aerospace)

§         Twenty years of experience in the design, development, and evaluation of computer-based educational/training materials

Authoring Systems, Programming Languages, Development Tools

§         Instructional Systems and Web Development:

       - Authorware, DreamWeaver, Adobe Premiere

§         Computer Languages:

       -  BASIC, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, PHP

§         MS Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, SnagIt, SoundForge

§         Microsoft Manual of Style

Learning Theory and Experimental Design and Analysis

IBM; UT, Austin; UC, Berkeley; Boston University

§         Conducted a number of studies for validation of instructional theories and strategies; performed the statistical analysis; designed Instructional Models for development of online instruction; formulated learning theories based on empirical research

Report and Proposal Writing

§         Wrote the proposal and final report for several projects, including Boston University: Right to Read grant; Grumman Aerospace: (NEWTS); University of Washington: High School Special Ed programs



Senior Instructional Designer


§         Air and Space Division Pilot training for AWACS and F22 (Authorware)

§         LEADDesigned and developed courses for Boeing ERT program (DocuTools)

§         DCAC Designed and developed database simulations

Microsoft Contract

§         Developed Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) courses:

§         - Essentials of Visual Basic Scripting, Edition 3 - Web-delivered

§         - Implementing Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 – Web-delivered

§         - Upgrading to Microsoft Windows 98 – Instructor-led

§         - Microsoft Windows NT Version 4.0 Technical Support – Self-paced training manual


Senior Instructional Psychologist

AT&T Contract

§         Developed Instructional Model used for CBT course development

§         Designed and implemented Vendor Selection Model to screen candidates for CBT course development (ASTD))

§         Supervised all phases of CBT course development for the following (WISE):

- UNIX Primer

- Analog Transmission Fundamentals

- AT&T products (Dataphone II, System Controller, SPIRIT/ARIES)

§         Developed and delivered seminar to teach Computer Fundamentals

Grumman Aerospace Corporation

§         Designed and supervised CBT development to teach radar analysis

§         Developed Instructional Algorithms for CBT development

Adjunct Professor

San Francisco State University  -- Department of Educational Technology

§         Taught instructional systems design (ISD) and computer-assisted instruction (CAI)